Bike shed security - part 2

Locks and anchors to protect your prized ride

At the start of the summer we explained the different bike storage options and how to make it harder for thieves to break into your shed. This time we're looking at the second wave of security needed if a burglar breaches those external defences: locks and anchor points.

Hooks and racks 

Before deciding what locks and anchors to buy, it's important to think about how you're going to store your bike(s), because that will determine the length of the locks that you need and the position of the anchors. The main options are:

1 Lean bike against wall: The easy option, but the bike takes up valuable space and can be knocked over easily.

2 Use wheel rack to hold bike up: Bike takes up just as much space, but isn't as easy to knock over. Eg. Revolution Bike Stand, £12.71, Edinburgh Bicycle Co-operative (click here for review).

Eg. THE Bike Stand, £19.99, THE Industries (click here for review).

3 Hang from hook horizontally: Frees up floor space but, depending on the height of the shed, you may only be able to fit one bike per wall. You can also buy 'horizontal' racks to use in the home. Eg. Revolution Storage Stand, £88.08, Edinburgh Bicycle Co-operative (click here for review).

4 Hang from hook vertically: Frees up more space than any of the other options, as long as your shed is high enough.

Vertical storage:
Vertical storage:

In this case, the shed is tall enough to store bikes vertically, so that they take up less room. If you're in the same boat, here are some bike hooks to consider:

LifeLine Wall Rack, £10.99, Wiggle (click here for review).

Topeak OneUp, £32.99, Extra (click here for review).

X-Tools Wallmount, £9.99, Hotlines (click here for review).

How to fit a floor anchor

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