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Cycloc bike storage device

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"Simple, stylish but expensive way to hang your bike"

Friday, February 11, 2011 4.00pm By

The Cycloc provides handy, and trendy, bike storage, ideal where space is at a premium, and can be mounted to hold your bike horizontally or vertically. Fitting it is pretty simple: bolt the bracket to a wall then attach the bucket-shaped outer with the bolts supplied, adjust the angle on the sliding fittings, and that’s it.

It doesn’t come with wall fitting bolts – you’ll need to use the right ones for your wall. We fixed ours to a block wall and the fittings added another £8 to the price. As well as holding a bike, the bucket shape is handy for storing gloves, lights and so on, and two 2in holes in the Cycloc mean you can also thread a lock through to secure your bike.

It is only plastic though, so isn’t a security product. While it’s a great design, we’re not convinced it’s worth the money: £60 plus postage plus the fittings makes it nearly £80, which isn’t great value compared with Torc’s high security Maxi Shackle, for example, which costs £42 including fittings.

Cycloc bike storage device: cycloc bike storage device

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