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"Easy enough to use but expensive"

Tuesday, July 31, 2007 11.00pm By

It's hard to see where nearly £100 is in this rack because it consists of just two upright arms that bend at the top to allow bikes to hook over it, and a mounting block for those arms to slot into.

The mounting block is the same as the one on any other tow ball-mounted Pendle, and is installed by four M10 (8mm Allen key) bolts (it would be nice to have Nyloc nuts, stainless bolts, or perhaps even serrated washers). There is a cross pin at the bottom to prevent the uprights from bouncing out, but that's all there is to the whole rack aside from a strap for fastening the bike/s down.

Once installed it's easy to use, and easy to remove the uprights should you not want to leave the rack on the car, but you're still left with four bolts to remove to take the mounting block off the tow ball. If it was £20 less, things would be looking much better, but it's hard to find £100 in a simple rack made of six welded tubes and four bits of steel with four nuts and bolts.

Bikes: 3. Weight limit: 40.5kg.

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