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Thule ProRide 591 car rack

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"Pricey for a single carrier, but well made, with a clever locking clamp"

Saturday, July 9, 2011 3.00pm By

Thule’s range-topping roof-mounted carrier sets the standard to which other roof-mounted carriers must aspire. 

Though Thule recommend the fork-mount OutRide 561 rack for carbon and other ‘sensitive’ frames, there’s not much the ProRide 591 won’t handle. 

Rated for bikes up to 20kg and with wheel straps to handle tyre profiles up to 2.5in, this is a roof-mounted rack tailor made for big, heavy freeride or downhill bikes. And that’s not something we’d comfortably say about many roof-mounted racks. 

The design is simple and intuitive. There are fitting kits for square, oval and T-track roof bars, and assembly time is minimal. 

The curved tray and clamping arm are designed to automatically position the bike in the right position fore-and-aft, at which point it’s a quick and simple job to turn the genius ratcheted clamping knob to secure the frame. Once that’s done, the wheel straps slide into position and you lock them down to what may just be gasps of admiration from the crowd. Maybe.

Neat touches abound, from the one-handed operation of the clamp to the way the wheel straps can be tucked out of the way when you’re lifting the bike onto the roof. It’s all lockable, too – and the clamp arm can be reversed for use on either side of the car. Clever.

It oozes quality, and proved rapid to remove and refit. The Thule is proof that you get what you pay for.

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Lock and adjust comfortably, Self adjusting frame holder, Wheel straps, MPG lost - 5.6
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