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Buh-Bump HRM Electrode Cream

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"An cream that guarantees consistent readings, but only necessary for a minority"

Friday, March 19, 2010 2.00pm By

Buh-Bump electrode cream claims to aid 100 percent reliability in heart-rate monitor readings. It does this by forming a conductive layer between the skin and the chest transmitter.

Sweat usually does this perfectly, but in that vital warm-up or in extremely cold weather Buh-Bump ensures clear transmission from the word go. Only a small amount is needed for it to work and as it’s a cream, it tends not to get all over your clothes.

It’s pleasantly scented too, so it beats using saliva or the wait to start sweating that some heart rate monitor users have. It does exactly what it claims to do but it will only appeal to a small number of people who have conductivity problems.

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