Hammer Nutrition Seat Saver chamois cream£10.95

Premium bum butter

BikeRadar score3/5

This personal leather lube from Hammer is a top-performing, natural-based product, but it’s massively expensive. Shea butter, chamomile, clove oil and calendula all help to reduce soreness, itching and bruising, while peppermint and tea tree oils add a very gently soothing sensation.

Olive oil, yarrow, comfrey, basil and lavender oil and beeswax complete the ‘whole herb garden’ in a tube posterior potion. The result is a slightly musty ‘Holland and Barrett storeroom’ smell that clings to hands all day, but it does the job around your derrière.

The stiff mix needs warming to rub in well, but once on it stays put very well, however long the ride or hot the roller session. You don’t need much to nurture your nethers either, but at £11 for 60ml it’s double the price of even the most premium-brand competitors, so it’ll Hammer your wallet.

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