Adidas Evil Eye Pro Glasses review£159.00

Feature packed shades

BikeRadar score4/5

Adidas's Evil Eye sunnies have been used by road riders and off-roaders for a few years now, and they’ve got a couple of unique features.

For a start, you can vertically alter the angle of the lenses by 8°, they’ve got a removable ‘sweat blocker’ on the top of the frame and in the event of a face-plant the arms separate from the frame (and can then be reattached).

We weren’t entirely convinced the sweat blocker has enough  foam to absorb the sort of sweat produced on hot days, and we wonder how useful that tilt mechanism really is. But these are a top-notch pair of shades which – unusually but sensibly – comes in two sizes, and there’s also the option of an optical insert.

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