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Rudy Project Sportmask Girl

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"Fashionable as well as functional – a rare combination"

Tuesday, July 3, 2007 1.17pm By

These stylish sports glasses from Rudy Project are new for 2007 and, rather than being a scaled down version of a men's glass, do feature some great women-specific touches.

For instance, the nose bridge is fully adjustable, making it easy to get a snug yet comfy fit. But the best women-specific feature is the arms - they are shaped very well so they slip through your hair without snagging and the join from the solid arm to the soft grippers has no seam that can also catch (on previous glasses I've had this problem). The fit is grippy and snug with little or no bounce over rougher surfaces despite the super lightweight 25g weight. The version tested here is the pink shade, which has a graduated (or 'bi-chromic' as Rudy call it) pink lens, which, although it looks like it is purely for fashion, actually works very well in most light conditions - although something with a bit more shade would be preferable on very bright days. Included in the price is a soft bag, which doubles as a cleaning cloth and a hard case too. Sadly, these aren't compatible with the RX Prescription adaptors but Rudy's excellent Kalyos girl would be a good option if you need a prescription lens.

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