Tifosi Slip glasses review£45.99

Light wraparounds

BikeRadar score3/5

These baby blue wraparound specs are actually the signature model of a leading female golfer, but they come with a great lens selection for riding.

We didn't use the dark smoke lens much this summer, but the ‘all conditions red’ puts a genuine rose-tinted hue on iffy autumn days and we’ve clicked into the extreme contrast pink as the sun gets lower.

There are another eight frame colours and lenses available if golf girl isn’t your style. The lenses give clean and reasonably consistent vision, and they click in and out easily too.

The minimalist lightweight frame has de-misting slots above the lenses, which work well to keep them steam-free on long climbs or cold mornings.

Bendable arms keep them secure, regardless of head shape or whether you're swinging a club or out on a club run, and they come with a hardshell case and cleaning cloth.

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