Minoura Watt Master computer review£49.99

Turbo-calibrated computer

BikeRadar score3/5

Minoura’s turbo-calibrated computer promises a lot. The reality is distinctly more primitive, but it’s still an effective training tool for the price.

For a start, the wattage readout is based on a preset link with Minoura’s Gyro turbo trainer range, relying on an archaic cardboard wheel for calibration, and it vanishes in the road-training mode. Even if the figure is an abstract, it still gives a consistent reading to evaluate training progression on the turbo, though.

The ‘programmable route’ feature is just a prompt telling you when to change the manual resistance lever on the trainer too, rather than any automatic link up. You do get a full suite of speed, distance and cadence data on the road or on the turbo once you’ve wired the various sensors up, and the price is competitive.

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