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Smart 9.0 Computer

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60.0 out of 5 stars

"Decent basic info, effectively displayed at a good price, but only for round bars"

Thursday, February 24, 2011 12.00pm By

While it's cheap for a wireless unit, the 9.0 still offers decent performance. Setup is relatively easy, but hidden buttons mean you have to do it off the bike. The massive magnet needs setting opposite the valve to balance the wheel too but it fits most aero spokes fine. It’s a single-position round bar mount only though.

Operation is easy and sealing very good, as rather than moveable buttons the whole head unit ‘shunts’ forward on the mount to make it press the actuator button underneath. The decent-sized, easily readable screen shows speed, time and distance, plus a pace arrow, and then either overall distance or temperature (which is a nice touch) and time of day as the bottom line. There’s no backlight though, which might be a problem at night.

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9.0 Computer (11)

• Speed • Speed comparison • Ride time • Trip distance • Dual odometer to set up 2 wheel sizes • Maximum speed • Clock • Temperature • LCD displays up to 5 pieces of data on screen • Simply scroll through display modes with single button press • Fits handlebar sizes 25-31.8mm • Magnet fits blade spokes to 4mm
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