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Velomann V1.20a computer

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"Good all-rounder for those who want to measure their climbing efforts"

Thursday, April 8, 2010 3.00pm By

The wireless Velomann comes with an altitude function – there’s a tiny barometer in here that works it out from air pressure – so you can clock the amount of climbing you do.

As well as a running total, you get your current and max altitudes and also a gradient reading, although that can lag by a few seconds.

There are 20 functions in all, including temperature, and you get five labelled measurements on the display at any one time so you don’t need to toggle endlessly through the various screens.

Some of the figures are fairly small but we had no real problems with legibility. We had no interference to the analogue signal from other equipment, despite our best efforts.

You can set it up for two different bikes with the addition of a second speed sensor (£9.99). A similar model, the V1.20HR (£60.99), swaps the altitude measurements for heart rate. 

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Current speed* Average speed* Speed comparison to average speed* Maximum speed* Trip time* Trip distance* Odometer* 12/24h clock* Total BC1 and BC2 odometer* Double pre-set wheel diameter* Temperature* Five settable languages* Current altitude* Current gradient* Maximum altitude reached during course* Average gradient* Maximum gradient reached during course* Separate total altimetery for BC1 and BC2* Maximum altitude reached during* course for BC1 and BC2* Min/Maximum altitude difference*
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