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Sigma PC-15

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"Customisable trainer with a strong range of functions, exceptional value"

Tuesday, March 16, 2010 2.00pm By

The PC-15 packs a hefty punch for its price. Once you've entered your personal details, the unit automatically sets your max HR and three consecutive training zones but you can alter any of these. The unit doesn't have an alarm option to keep your exercise on track, although a graphic shows your intensity alongside the HR figure. 

Both the amount of time and the percentage of your session spent in each zone are available on screen too, along with your average and max HRs and the number of calories used – and you can review all this once you've finished. The lap timer on the stopwatch is another valuable function but it doesn't record your HR details for each split. 

You have to wait three seconds for the unit to 'wake up' at the start of a session which is soooo last century – time is money, guys – but it's easy to navigate once you're used to the format. The widely-spaced buttons are simple to operate on the fly, you get a bike mount included and, along with the Suunto and the CicloSport, this is one of the few watch units here where you can reasonably change the battery yourself.

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