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Suunto M4 heart-rate watch

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80.0 out of 5 stars

"Plenty of functions for the price, but low on space and advanced triathletes will get bored"

Tuesday, November 2, 2010 12.00pm By

Suunto's new M4 sports watch acts as a heart rate monitor and a personal trainer, giving you the ability to set fitness targets by entering simple information about yourself.

It starts off by conducting a basic fitness test that involves a brisk 1km walk, and it configures the data from this exercise to create a customised fitness plan for the user.

We found the heart rate strap (included in the box) to be a comfortable fit and were impressed with the simplicity of the watch’s setup and functionality. But it doesn’t have room for a huge amount of data.

It’s a good value option for beginners and intermediates, but if you’re a more advanced athlete it may pay to look elsewhere.

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M4 heart-rate watch (10)

* Start-up fitness test to determine your fitness level * 3 personal targets – improving fitness, weight management, or free training – with guided exercise programs * Easy to use with 3 buttons; large, clear display; and 9 language options * Includes Suunto Dual Comfort Heart Rate Belt * Daily workout suggestions and real-time guidance while you exercise

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