Motocomm DSR-1003G helmet cam review£299.00

Great, value-packed kit

BikeRadar score4/5

This helmet camera kit from Motocomm has every type of connection, extension, mount and extra you could possibly want – all contained in a box for £300.

To get the kit running you just need an SD card and eight AA batteries. At first, the vast number of cables can be daunting but it’s fairly easy to get up and running. The AA batteries power the camera and the microphone, while the DVR recorder has an internal chargeable battery. 

Once you work out the best positioning and how to store the battery holder, it’s an easy system to record with – and with a 320x240 resolution, at 30 frames per second, the quality is good. 

The lens is wide enough to capture realistically, although it doesn’t do quite as well in dark-to-light transitions as the Drivedata system we recently reviewed – but let’s not forget that this system is cheaper.

This helmet camera system does represent great value for money as you don’t have to get any extra mounts or cables, but the AA battery holder is the weakness – it’s an old system and it’s a bit of a pain – as well as draining on expensive AA batteries.

We’d much rather see a single rechargeable battery – even if the price was bumped up – saving you the hassle of extra bulk when recording on the move.

Multiple mounting hardware adds to the excellent value: multiple mounting hardware adds to the excellent value

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