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Restwise recovery monitor

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"Effective internet-based recovery monitor to help optimise your training"

Wednesday, January 12, 2011 4.00pm By

Restwise offers athletes an accurate way to measure their body’s level of fatigue in response to training. A simple finger-clip pulse oximeter measures resting heart rate and the percentage saturation of oxygen in the blood to measure fatigue levels.

By including information on parameters including sleep, weight and muscle soreness, the web-based software determines a score that describes how fatigued your body is with greater accuracy than simply going on feel.

Gathering information and entering the data into the easy-to-use web page takes five minutes, and the finger clip pulse oximeter makes taking resting heart rate a doddle. The data was useful in deciding how hard to train each day. However, logging onto the internet to view the recovery score is a hassle for athletes on the move.

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