Full Beam Night Nemesis front light £589

Monster illumination

BikeRadar score 3/5

Full Beam's Night Nemesis is a monster light that packs a massive, user tunable lighting punch but at a high weight and cost. The big barrel head unit houses seven LEDs with a finned casing to control temperature.

The beam is wide, illuminating well right across your field of vision. It also delivers enough distance detail for most speeds and situations. The thermal regulator can cut in fairly soon on summer nights unless you’re going quick, which caught us out.

The output levels can all be reprogrammed for up to 2,500 lumens or up to five different scrollable levels down to 150 lumens. The default medium power mode is fine for all but the fastest descents and the switch flashes at 10 percent full to indicate home time. The 2012 light will get improved sealing, circuitry and a metal travel case but the price has gone up £160. The bag battery is bulky and heavy although a half size ‘Race’ battery is available.

This article was originally published in What Mountain Bike magazine.

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