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"Bright with a good beam spread. The dim section of beam, run time, and price knock it down a little"

Monday, January 1, 2007 12.00am By

Purveyors of fine hydraulic disc brakes, the Lancashire based Hope lads have been adding to their product range over the past few years with unquestionable success.

Aside from wonderful brakes, they also produce fantastic headsets and excellent stems. This HID light is machined to the same exacting tolerances as any other Hope product and comes loaded with a 10 watt Solarc lamp unit with integral ballast. A waterproof screw-down connector on the side of the lamp connects it to the lithium-ion battery pack which clips underneath the stem cap unit (it is also available in a non-stem-dedicated handlebar mount).

Out on the road the 10 watt arc lamp, which is equivalent to around a 50 watt conventional filament lamp, gives plenty of spread and a very usable beam pattern. There is a strange dull ring in the beam pattern though, and when aligned for riding this does take the edge off the perceptibility of the road just on the edge of your peripheral vision when at speed. It's nothing bad, just a little odd.

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