Hope Vision 1 LED Adventure front light review£100.00

Focused headlamp

BikeRadar score3.5/5

Hope’s single LED Adventure model is an impressively punchy and focused head lamp but – as its name implies – it’s designed more for outdoor activities than on-bike use, with a separate battery unit and light unit.

The tight spot beam throws such a powerful lance of light for its size we checked the lux readings several times before we believed them. Even at lower power settings it still picks up a decent amount of detail at a speed-friendly range. There’s only a very faint halo around the small light pool though, so head mounting is essential to point it where you want it, but its tight focus still limits its use on twisty trails.

It comes on an adjustable harness that was designed with Hope’s local Lancashire fell rescue teams for head – rather than helmet – use. This means it’s a slippery strap nightmare to fix to a bike lid but great for running/camping/24-hour pit crew work. It's supplied with Hope’s bar and helmet mounts too, but you’ll need to be creative with where you put the AA battery pack.

Alternatively, buy the cylinder-style Vision 1 bike light for the same price (watch out for a review on BikeRadar soon). This features the same optics and power ratings, but the batteries are housed in the light unit, so the lamp body is a fair bit larger.

Hope vision 1 led adventure beam: hope vision 1 led adventure beam
Hope vision 1 led adventure beam: hope vision 1 led adventure beam

Beam shot - Hope Vision 1 LED Adventure

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