Hope Vision 2 front light review£195.00

Head or handlebar lighting

BikeRadar score3.5/5

Hope’s twin head unit hasn’t changed for this year but it still offers simple, reliable and effective lightweight illumination. The two 5W LEDs give a focused medium length throw with an impressive amount of detail on show.

The sharply edged round beam pattern only gives a hint of peripheral light for wider trail vision though. An extension lead and both bar and helmet mounts are provided, and the Vision works really well as a technical trail lid light.

The chunky push button switches between four levels, but we’d avoid the top one as it’s not much brighter but burns through the battery quickly. Otherwise run times are good and the small two-cell battery pack with stretchy Velcro strap fits most places, including under the stem.

A down side is there’s no indicator light to keep track of power before it suddenly reverts to emergency flashing mode. More ambitious riders can upgrade to the twin battery Epic or single Enduro options. Better thermal throttle control and other changes mean reliability has been excellent on our long-term sets.

Hope vision 2 light beam: hope vision 2 light beam
Hope vision 2 light beam: hope vision 2 light beam

Beam shot - Hope Vision 2

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