Hope Vision 4 front light£299.00

Great for short technical trails

BikeRadar score3/5

Hope’s biggest light has been around for a while, offering simple but technical trail-friendly flood lighting and excellent reliability for a good price.

The four LEDs and optics are arranged to give a full 3D output that works really well on tracks with a lot of sudden dips and rises. This makes them great for a lot of local woods and trail centres we’ve used them at.

They don’t have a lot of range compared with other lights with similar lumen outputs though, so they can feel limiting on faster descents. You’re best avoiding the inefficient maximum power setting and concentrating on levels 2 and 3 to get the most from the battery.

Watch the clock too, as there’s no battery life indicator on the lamp. Three-and-a-half hours should be enough for most night rides though, and the battery is still small enough to sneak onto most frames easily.

While sticking with proven LED and battery technology might have left Hope behind on power, our long-term sets have performed faultlessly through a year of hard use. Hope’s factory direct back-up is excellent too. 

Hope vision 4 light beam: hope vision 4 light beam

Beam shot - Hope Vision 4

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