Knog Gator 605 light £220

Versatile LED unit

BikeRadar score 3/5

Knog’s outstanding organic design is a joy to fit, but this lamp's performance doesn’t measure up. 

The rubber-wrapped and integral-strapped head unit morphs neatly into the front of the bars and a matching remote switch controls power settings for all three LEDs.

The hardcase stick battery wraps easily under top or down tube, with a long cable so you can drop it right down low, and the whole system weighs in at 472g,

Unfortunately, the LEDs themselves are only three-watt units. With the 18-degree ‘spot’ as broad as most floods and the 32-degree flood just giving a vague local haze, we fumbled through anything technical or faster than walking pace. 

That long cable ended up getting in the way too, and despite the light head unit there’s no helmet option.

The head unit requires a fair bit of space to fit and the silicone rubber fixing, though simple, doesn’t allow for much adjustment. Fit it on swept bars and it’ll be pointing into the hedgerow.

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