Lezyne Super Drive front light £100

All-in-one design

BikeRadar score 3/5

Typically for Leyzne the Super Drive is a light and good looking light, especially for under £100. The slimline all-in-one design gives an equally slimline beam to throw an impressive amount of light down the trail. Peripheral coverage is limited for twisty or unknown trails but the central light pool is consistent. So there’s enough detail information to ride fast on familiar trails and it translates really well to any commuting roadwork.

Run times are short at full power and there’s no battery drain indicator so it’s not an epic ride choice, although spare batteries are available from Lezyne for £29.99 ($19.99). The medium setting doesn’t lag too far behind in practical illumination terms though so it’ll be okay for average outings. Workplace commuting use is made easier by the USB cable and in-built recharger combo. Mind your knees off road as the long body and easy swivelling bar mount make it easy to knock off line, even when clamped up tight.

This article was originally published in What Mountain Bike magazine.


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