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L&M Seca 900 Race Li-ion Front Light

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70.0 out of 5 stars

"A good spread of serious light power in a bulky and expensive package"

Sunday, November 29, 2009 4.00pm By

This is Light & Motion’s top-of-the-line light, and it hoofs out a retina-scorching 900 lumens of trail illumination.

A Li-Ion battery gives 2.3 hours’ use on full chat and charges in 2.3 hours too. Six Cree R2 LED’s mounted in a multi-reflector direct and maximise this light’s stonking power.

The tool-free bar and helmet mount are excellent, although the light sits high on the helmet mount, putting it at risk of clouting low branches. The head unit’s 152g bulk makes it seriously noticeable on your lid too.

A super-easy single button pulses the light through three power settings and a flashing mode. The light emitted is whiter than the previous Seca, but doesn’t bleach out the trail.

The huge amount of light emitted has great penetration and there’s a smooth transition from the searchlight to trail-bathing flood.

It’s so bright that light bounces off trees, reducing shadows as you rail round corners. The extra power makes the lower output settings usable, helping you extend battery life.

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Seca 900 Race Light (10)
Light and Motion

Bar & Helmet mounts included,
Weight (g):
High output LED X 6
Type of Battery Required:
Lithium-Ion Rechargable
Battery Life:

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