Moon X-Power 1000 front light£225.00

Sci-fi looks

BikeRadar score3/5

The flat oval cutaway head shroud gives Moon’s new LED light a Sci-Fi look and keeps the three separate metal LED mounts inside cool. The rubber watch strap-style mount keeps it secure and wobble-free on the bars. It’s light enough to use the included helmet mount and extension, although that needs tight fastening to avoid shaky vision on rougher trails. The squared-off solid shell battery can be squeezed onto most frames and Kevlar effect cables have decent connectors.

Output is mainly focused down the middle for impressive reach and distance detail for its price. Dimmer peripheral coverage and a noticeable halo at the sides aren’t so great on singletrack. Four different settings and a battery indicator in the main switch help manage the slightly short battery life. Output drops noticeably in relation to remaining charge. Weight and price are still very reasonable for the overall light levels.

Moon x-power 1000 front light beam:

This article was originally published in What Mountain Bike magazine.

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