Niterider 150 Cordless front light review£100.00

Retro-looking lighting

BikeRadar score3.5/5

Niterider’s new retro-looking cordless light is a usefully powerful, convenient performer. The Borofloat lens is less focused than some other self-contained units, which means it looks a bit limp on the lux test for the money and it’s slightly short sighted on the trail.

There’s still enough depth to ride at a decent pace on trails you know, though. Reasonable sideways coverage also lights up enough lines to stop you steering into the dark.

The click-lock handlebar mount ratchets on and off bars very quickly, although there is more vibration and blur on really rocky trails than with screw-on or cam lock lights. A helmet mount is available separately for £12.

The self-contained battery means no worries about where to fit a frame bag or fretting about paint damage from straps or cables, and the supplied three-pin/USB charger gives you the option to rejuice it without looking for plug sockets. Price is good too, although the 250 Cordless at £130 sounds even better value.

Niterider 150 cordless light: niterider 150 cordless light
Niterider 150 cordless light: niterider 150 cordless light

Beam shot - Niterider 150 Cordless

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