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"Really neat, useable ultra-light race LED that comes in at a great price"

Thursday, February 1, 2007 12.00am By

Niterider have been making lights for ages, but this neat new LED is part of a wholly revamped range and we're very impressed.

The single high power LED pumps out a decent central punch that fades out towards the edges for a nice balance of reach and peripheral awareness. It's not as bright as the twin sets but it's enough for reasonable speed on trails you know.

The little CNC head attaches to bars with a simple O ring and hook system, and helmet mounts are available. Run time is impressive and there's a half power option to double lifespan. Both lamp and battery have a low power warning, too.

The Li-Ion battery block straps on under your stem or over/under the top tube, and the fast charger refills it totally from fl at in just over six hours. 2Pure pledge to replace tired old batteries at a big discount too, adding even more long-term value to this absolute bargain.

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Batt. life - 3.5-7 hours
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Lithium-Ion Rechargable

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