Niterider MiNewt Mini Cordless 600 front light review£135.00

Versatile bargain

BikeRadar score3.5/5

Niterider’s all-in-one lights push the limits of what’ll comfortably work on your head but they’re a well priced bar or bonce option for their power. The long rectangular MiNewt Mini Cordless 600 with ribbed metal head uses an angle adjustable shoe mount that puts it high on your helmet so be careful with overhanging branches. Beam stability relies on tight strapping and the clip-on bar mount needs a firm hand to stop it wobbling on rough trails.

Output is impressive for an affordable light, with a medium focused beam that picks up enough detail at a distance for confident speed. It has enough peripheral spread to be used on its own rather than teamed with a flood. Mid and low power settings are bright helping you nurse shorter run times and an output droop after an hour. The USB compatible charger means it’s a good light for those who commute by road during the day and hit trails at night.

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