Niterider MiNewt Mini USB Plus front light£129.99

Miniature lighting

BikeRadar score3/5

Niterider’s miniature lights are simple, effective, well priced and very user friendly, particularly for work based or weight weenie riders.

The tiny lamp knocks out a slightly hazy but reasonably focused light pool that lets you ride technical trails without missing too much detail; it’s fine if you’re racing or riding trails you already know.

The tiny weight and size also makes it a natural for helmet use and mount and extension lead are included. The angle adjustable O-ring bar mount comes with three rubbers for different sized bars.

Burn time is impressive although the light fades visibly as it gets towards the three-hour mark. There’s no low power option, just a single on/off switch on the battery, which is awkward to reach if you’ve stuffed it in a pocket/bag.

It only gives charge rather than discharge info too, which is a shame. Conventional plug or USB recharging is great for commuters or anyone who rides out straight from work and it has a fast four-hour recharge cycle too. Add in a decent price and you’ve got a really handy little light.

Niterider minewt mini usb plus light beam: niterider minewt mini usb plus light beam

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