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The Evo Endurance is simple and durable.

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70.0 out of 5 stars

"Not hugely bright, but dependable and easy to install and use"

Monday, January 1, 2007 12.00am By

A system using 6 volt halogen bulbs powered by 6 volt batteries? Have we gone back in time four years or does Sigma have good reason for using difficult-to-source bulbs and two separate 6 volt battery packs and not over-volting (running the bulbs at slightly higher voltage to get a little more light)? The answer is a mix of yes and no.

With both lights running together the beam pattern isn't bad, and the 10 watt lamp runs for an impressive two hours, with the 5 watt flood lamp running an even more impressive four hours.

The mounts are quick and simple to use, the only drawbacks being the two odd shaped batteries designed to mount under the top tube are too wide and easy to clobber your knees on. The switches on the lamps have a very positive click and a small light shows the current battery condition - green for good or red for running out/flat.

Like most Sigma products, they're very well made and relatively simple but functional. Considering the simple nature of the system, maybe Sigma does have a point in relying on tried and tested technology, putting the effort into the build quality and durability.

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