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"An okay light, but the brick of a battery is hard to charge"

Thursday, August 23, 2007 11.00pm By

Smart's single 10W Halogen headlamp setup is typical of the many 'basic, but bright enough to get you going' options around.

The 10W Halogen bulb gives a decent pool of light for tootling, but you'll have to rely on your memory to get a proper move on - unless you're particularly brave. The head unit itself is neat enough, with an offset clamp that sits it centrally over the stem for accurate in-line positioning. The cam clamp with slotted mount is easy to whip on and off too, but it only fits the centre section of standard rather than oversize bars. The remote on/off switch is a bit unnecessary too, as you're unlikely to want to switch it off while riding.

The lead acid battery sits in a simple black wrapover bag, which will fit most conventional tubular frames. It's hugely heavy at over a kilo though, and you'll need to be careful with your charging regime not to fry its run time (like we eventually did), as there are no guide lights on the charger. It lasts long enough for most nights out, though.

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