Troute Liberator Mk2 front light£295.00

Handmade reliability

BikeRadar score4/5

UK light manufacturer Chris Hadaway has been hand-building the distinctive Liberator for three years. The result is a bulky but rock-solid reliable broad vision trail light.

The custom machined metal head houses a row of six of the latest XPG LEDs, which give great coverage up the trail. While it’s strongest in the centre for decent distance there’s no sudden distracting fall off in light. There’s plenty of coverage to either side too.

The big back of light button switches between ‘boost’, high and low levels. The offset thumbscrew bracket positions the head right over the stem. Despite high overall weight, run times are relatively short so keep an eye on the low charge indicator if you’ve been switching between levels on a longer ride. The new battery bag is easier to fit to fat tubed frames though and reliability of our long-termer has been flawless.

Troute liberator mk2 front light: troute liberator mk2 front light

This article was originally published in What Mountain Bike magazine.

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