USE Exposure Maxx light review£300.00

Simple & lightweight LED trail light for racers

BikeRadar score3/5

USE's Exposure Maxx is a simple, light, self-contained unit potentially ideal for racers that boasts decent distance punch and run-time for its size. The beam is a bit tightly focused for technical trail use and the ‘ride’ setting is too weak. It really needs a less temperamental, secure and carbon-safe mount.

USE was one of the first companies to use high-power LEDs, and the Exposure Maxx has some unique features if you loathe leads and separate batteries.

With everything packed into a single CNC-machined can, the Maxx is certainly impressively simple and very light for its power and run time. The beam is relatively flat and two-dimensional, which reduces up/down vision and often left us wondering ‘what happens next?’ on tight technical trails. The ‘Ride’ power level is too dim for anything but cruisy riding.

Trying to tweak the bolted light mount at all will loosen it, and the bracket is temperamental and potentially threatening to carbon bars anyway, even if you manage not to knock it loose with your knee.

The general reputation for reliability of these lights still doesn’t match that of its competitors, either, although USE always sort out faults ASAP.

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