Light & Motion Stella 400 front light £274.99

Dark-fighting double act

BikeRadar score2.5/5

The new 400 set links two of L&M’s thumb-sized Stella units into a useful dark-fighting double act. The heads are split between a focused spot and a broader flood beam. Unlike most twinsets though, a single button controls both, so you can adjust power levels but you can’t run one light or the other.

This works pretty well, with a useable width and power to the separately-aimed double-beam spread. Typically for L&M, everything is really well-made, with surprisingly secure stretch-band bar brackets and totally waterproof dive light connectors to the small three-cell battery.

The lights’ overall output doesn’t come anywhere close to the same priced Lumicycle XPG though, so you’d really have to value the slightly lower weight to choose these.

Light & motion stella 400 light beam: light & motion stella 400 light beam

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