Exposure one-cell piggyback battery review£40.00

Add run time to your light

BikeRadar score4/5

Exposure include a clever 'Smart Port' on the back of several of their lights that allows for the addition of remote switches, extra front or rear LED emitters – or one of two piggyback battery packs to extend run times.

Our single-cell test unit adds nearly an hour to Exposure's biggest MaXx-D and more than doubles the run time on smaller lights like the Diablo. At the recent 24 Hours of Moab, that allowed us to comfortably run the Diablo at full power from start to finish of each lap – with power to spare – instead of having to toggle between different light levels to extend the battery life. 

Unfortunately, though, the £40 (US$49.99) asking price doesn't include an additional charger so users will have to swap batteries sequentially once one is fully topped up – effectively doubling the charge time. An extra charger will cost another £19.99 ($29.99). 

If you need even more juice (say for a solo 24-hour event), Exposure also offer triple the capacity for only twice the price, again with mounting hardware included. Either option is an easy add-on to Exposure's clever modular system and one that's hard not to justify if dawn is just a bit too far off.

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