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The Lumicycle has a fantastic battery life.

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90.0 out of 5 stars

"Just over two hours with both lamps on is good for halogens this bright"

Monday, January 1, 2007 12.00am By

Buying lights from Lumicycle is like gathering all the best bits of Lego together to make the Deathstar instead of R2D2. Pick a battery, pick some lights, add a safety ring or two and you're good to go.

We picked the Pro battery, a 14.8-volt 4.4-amp/hour lithium-ion water bottle system with two cable outlets and hooked it up to a couple of Lumi's halogen units. We fitted one with a 20 watt mid-spread (17 degree) lamp and the other with a 5 watt spot lamp (7 degree) which we then fitted with a glow ring. So when riding in areas with street lighting we had a 5 watt spot with a nice visible glow ring, and when we hit the unlit roads we had a wide-spread, bright, 20 watt light.

It works a treat, offering excellent light spread and adaptability coupled with huge battery life and further system expansion capabilities (this battery will easily run a rear light and a front 10 watt Halide lamp for over four hours). If you're thinking of buying into a system you can add to at a later date, or change the lamp units in the housings with ease for either more light or longer run times, look no further than Lumicycle.

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