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Exposure flare rear light

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"Not cheap, but this ultra bright and versatile rear light is the ultimate safety investment"

Wednesday, October 27, 2010 11.00am By

There are loads of LED rear lights available, but if you really want to stand out on the road this winter, Exposure’s new Flare is fantastic.

A super-powerful single red LED sits behind a refractor lens that spreads the ‘can’t help noticing’ light across a wide span. It can be used in a retina searing constant or rave quality flashing pattern, and either setting is bright enough to stand out, even on a sunny day.

It turns on and off with a twist of the lens, which is easy in gloves, and means there’s no potentially leaky switch. The 45g, 60mm-long unit secures with a silicon band that’ll stretch round any seatpost. It’ll even work on thinner aero profile posts or integrated seatmasts with a bit of bodging.

It’s powered by either a 3V lithium disposable cell (£6 per pair) or rechargeable battery (£25). The latter gives shorter run times but is more cost effective in the long run. The only problem we can see is complaints from riders getting dazzled behind you on training rides.

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Flare rear light (10)

Weight (g):
• Output: Flash / Solid • Emitter: 1 x P4 Red, 75 Lumens • Includes: Silicon Post Mount • Burn time: Flash 25hr • Li-ion disposable batteries • Colour: black, clear coat • LED Type: 1XPG/1P4

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