Princeton Tec EOS & Swerve lights £59.9

Great budget light combo

BikeRadar score 4.5/5

Unsurprisingly, the high output LED Maxbright Eos doesn’t rival the big bucks lights for serious trail use, but it's enough if you’re a group ride follower and is ideal for using along canal towpaths and the like.

Three AAA batteries – included – power a low beam for more than 100 hours. The medium beam is fine for less demanding riding and lasts about 10 hours before it starts to dim, and the 50 lumens full beam dims slightly after an hour or so, although the slow dim means there’s always enough power left to get you home.

The beam angle is easy to adjust, a head strap, helmet mount and bar mount kit are included, and it’s proved to be really tough and water resistant. As a head torch it’s superb. 

We really like the Swerve rear light too. The combination of two high-power half-watt LEDs, a diffused lens and a focused lens is a real attention grabber.

The flashing light setting shifts constantly so drivers notice you from way behind, or you can choose constant light. Flash burn time is up to 70 hours with two AAA batteries and the toggle switch is intuitively easy to use. Clip it on bags or clothing, or you have a choice of bolt-on or fast on/off bungi grip seatpost mounts.


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