Light & Motion Vis 360 light set£149.99

Helmet-mounted front and rear lights

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Helmet lights are popular with mountain bikers because they illuminate whatever you’re looking at, instead of just shining where you’re going. But the new Vis 360 from Light & Motion is an entirely different beast, designed for the city streets.

Both front and rear have amber side lights for, as the name suggests, 360° visibility – good for urban areas where you need to be seen from all angles. The pivoting front light has one flashing and two continuous modes.

On high it has a claimed output of 110 lumens but almost all the power is focused into a tight spot, so it might blind rather than alert drivers. The narrow beam is ideal for searching out hazards, but we’d still want our main lights.

It’s reasonably light at 134g but the bulk of the weight (around 90g) comes from the rear due to the integrated USB rechargeable battery, so it pulls annoyingly at the back of the helmet.

Light and motion vis 360 light set: light and motion vis 360 light set

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