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Pinhead Four Pack

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"Clever security for your bike’s pricier bits"

Tuesday, November 2, 2010 2.00pm By

A different take on security, this kit comprises a seat bolt, headset top cap and two wheel skewers, all of which can be locked in place. One key fits all.

The skewers have one domed side and one with key slots. We got enough purchase with needle nose pliers to turn the skewer when it wasn’t secured enough. The headset cap works brilliantly, though, thanks to its big diameter.

While secure, the seat clamp is the least successful part of the package. It’s a clumsy fit and the collared bolt is hard to seat on many clamps. Overall, though, this is a superb part-based protection system.

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Pinhead Four Pack
Pinhead Components

Pinhead patented locking fastener system, Securely fastens front and rear wheels, seatpost, forks, headset and stem from theft, 32g; 38g front skewer, 35g rear, 35g seat bolt, 18g top cap
Warranty Length:
1 Year

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