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"A weighty but high performing British lock to thwart most thieves"

Thursday, October 4, 2007 10.32am By

The Paramount Plus is Squire's premier bike lock, "designed and aimed to prevent the most severe attacks."

The shackle measures 260mm in length and is 16mm thick with a steel armoured lock body, all weighing in at over 2kg of heft. The Paramount Plus has a Sold Secure Gold rating to back it up, too.

Like most locks here, the Paramount Plus uses a dual deadlock system to ensure maximum resistance to attack and a fl at key locking mechanism. It shrugged off the manual attacks without so much as breaking a sweat through the full five minutes, and only succumbed to power tool abuse after nine minutes of constant attack, sailing through the Sold Secure Gold five minute duration for resistance with aplomb.

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