Squire Urban Paramount lock £44.99

Great value security

BikeRadar score 4.5/5

The Paramount is an old favourite among lock testers. It’s not too heavy, the lock mechanism is superb and well protected, the bracket is easy to fit, and handtool and lever attacks make no impression.

With a length of 230mm, the space inside this D-lock is easy to fill when used on bikes with larger diameter tubing, especially if you slip the front wheel in too. This leaves little room for levering it without wrecking the bike.

 In our usual manner of lock testing, this easily resisted the impact, lever and bolt cropping methods of thievery. Rather than falling apart, the mechanism simply chewed itself up when drilled, and after five minutes of violence the only thing damaged was our pride. 

The only sensible way to get it open was using a portable powered cutter, which managed to get though it in a little under 20 seconds. But because of the stiffness of the material we still had to use a lever to pry this one open. 

All in all quite impressive for a sub £50 lock. It's cheaper than its rivals and one of the best value Sold Secure Gold rated locks around.

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