Timbuk2 Medium Messenger £80

Simple, effective & durable courier bag

BikeRadar score 4/5

The Timbuk2 messenger bag - in 24-litre 'Medium' format here - is a classic. The simple yet effective, design has stood the test of time. 

The bags are hand made in the USA and attention to detail and build quality is excellent. The ripstop nylon outer and waterproof lining keep the elements out in all but the worst weather.

Outside stowage includes one small zippered pocket and a hand pocket, while inside you’ll find a small organiser and a big main compartment that’ll hold all your gear. 

The thin back panel means you’ll need to arrange your stuff to keep pointy things away from your body, but that becomes second nature after a while and the flexible nature of the bag means it’ll swallow a surprising amount.

The stabilising strap can be worn on either side. There's a big buckle for cinching it in on the fly, though we noticed the action isn't as tight as older models. Two snap-on reflective tabs catch the light well and a deep and wide base makes for easy packing, with four velcro patches that hold the flap down securely.

The Timbuk2 has been a stalwart of the courier community for many years and if you’re looking for something that’ll last then you can do a lot worse than this. 

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