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Ortlieb Uyesltimate 5 Plus Medium

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"Superb quality bar bag that's light and very well made, but expensive"

Tuesday, February 27, 2007 12.00pm By

Ortlieb's bar bags have always been among our favourites. The latest incarnations tweak the design, with a more rounded, cable-friendly base. We tested the lighter, top end Ultimate 5 Plus.

Gone is the front pocket - things had a tendency to jump out anyway - replaced by two small mesh side zippered pouches, suited to knick-knacks like Chapstick or a multitool. Build quality is superb, as usual, while features include a front reflector and a removable shoulder strap.

The quick-release mounting system is Ortlieb's own and is compatible with normal and oversize handlebars, though the key-operated lock seems unnecessary, given that anyone could just as easily open the lid. Inside, there's a removable zippered purse. Two easy to reach snap buttons keep the lid in place with a snug fit, plenty of overlap to keep dust out and a plastic insert to keep its shape and stop water pooling.

Considering the price of the bag, it's a shame you need to fork out more cash to buy the waterproof map case too (£15.99), though it's a good one and fits an OS map. Two sizes are available (7L and 9L) along with a choice of colours and various accessories, including a padded camera insert.

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Ultimate 5 Plus Medium

7L version availiable
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Mesh Pocket Shoulder Strap
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Quick Release Mechanism

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