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OverBoard 90L Adventure Duffel Bag

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60.0 out of 5 stars

"Versatile kit carrier for wet weather rides, but more pockets/internal dividers would be appreciated"

Friday, October 8, 2010 3.00pm By

Despite appearances, this is no bog-standard holdall. Firstly, it's claimed to be waterproof and secondly, it comes with removable shoulder straps to convert it into a rucksack.

Okay, it's not the most comfortable backpack we've ever worn and we certainly wouldn't fancy hiking with it on, but it's useful if you've got a lot of riding gear to lug around, especially over rough terrain. 

The lack of internal dividers – there's just a mesh pocket on each side – isn't ideal if you're going away for the weekend, as there's no way to keep your mucky shoes or expensive helmet apart from the rest of your kit.

But it's a handy size and makes a good bag for muddy rides, when you can just shove all your stinky, wet kit into it and know you're not going to get crap all over the boot of your car. Compression straps can be cinched down to reduce bulk.

The double-stitched PVC tarpaulin fabric seems tough – although the blue colouring scuffed off in places on our sample – and we've no complaints with the stitching or construction. The top storm flap hints at good weatherproofing.

However, while the bag shrugged off dew and light drizzle, it failed the shower test. In fact, OverBoard admit the top closure is only 'class 1' rated – meaning that it can't cope with "prolonged water exposure, heavy top-down watering, forceful water pressure applications or submersion".

In that case, we're not sure how they can describe the bag as waterproof. If you want a bag that can withstand rain showers and flooded campsites, OverBoard's 60L Adventure Duffel or 130L Ninja Duffel might be better bets.

Fifty quid is a lot for a holdall but this is a useful, versatile bag if you do a lot of riding in the wet. A few more pockets/compartments, and a stiffer base, and it would score higher. It's also available in black and white.

OverBoard 90l adventure duffel bag: overboard 90l adventure duffel bag

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90l Adventure Duffel Bag (10)

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