Gelrilla Grip Pro Elite gel holder£14.99

Convenient but flawed

BikeRadar score3/5

Gelrilla’s idea of a clip that holds gels to your top tube has been around for a bit, but this new Pro Elite version is 40 percent lighter, at 32g, and 38 percent smaller. It still has room for four gels under the individual hinged clips.

The idea is that when you pull the gel, the top will tear off and stay in the clip, leaving you to gulp it down without using your teeth. While this worked okay with some easy-tear sachets (Maxifuel), others we tested (Squeezy, High 5, toRQ, Lucozade) just pulled out of the clip rather than tearing.

That’s still more convenient than fishing around for gels in a pocket or Bento box though, so it’s not a deal breaker. The new improved Gelrilla Grip is still potentially a great idea for fans of a liquid lunch, and we love the name.

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