Rema Tip-Top Hand Cleaner Top Clean review£19.99

Effective hand cleaner

BikeRadar score4/5

Designed for use in automotive workshops, Rema Tip Top Hand Cleaner Top Clean is kind to you and your drains, but serious on grease.

Fine abrasives are mixed with soapy stuff to make this effective cleaning paste, which works on the sugar-and-washing-up-liquid principle. 

It gets oil off your hands and won't leave them red raw. It's sand-free, biodegradable and solvent-free.

The sensible 5-litre tub allows you to scoop out a little or a lot, so you control the amount depending on how much you need and can access the very last blob.

Another good value offering from the global automotive service company who already cater to two-wheels with assorted tyre repair and chain cleaning products.

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