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Tate Labs has revamped its popular Garmin computer mount. The new Bar Fly 1.1 now works with both portrait and landscape Garmin units and it's a lot cheaper now, too

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Tuesday, February 26, 2013 12.00pm By

Tate Labs has recently updated its popular Bar Fly mount for newer Garmin Edge computers. Subtle tweaks improve the functionality just a bit but more importantly, the price is now almost half of what it used to be at a much more reasonable $24.99.

The key change on the Bar Fly 1.1 from the original Bar Fly is its new 1/8-turn computer interface, which works with both the Garmin Edge range's portrait display as well as the landscape-oriented screen of Garmin's more versatile Forerunner 910 XT outdoor unit. Tate Labs has refined the mold for a silkier and more positive feeling connection with Garmin computers, although we still wish the computer were placed a little lower and fit better with stem clamps wider than 40mm.

In addition, the compact design keeps things tidy but bigger Garmin Edge 800 and 810 models might not fit with some bulkier stem clamps.

Otherwise, it's essentially the same as before with solidly built Delrin construction, an easy-to-install single-bolt layout, and the same 19g weight. And at $24.99, it's a much more compelling purchase, too.

The tate labs bar fly 1.1 places the computer just in front of the bars:

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