Lezyne CNC Alloy Cage £14.95

Alternative to carbon fiber bottle cages

BikeRadar score3/5

Lezyne's CNC Cage is like no other, appearance wise, thanks to its novel anodized, CNC-machined and carefully formed aluminum construction. It's quite light at just 37g apiece for our test samples. Thankfully, it also happens to hold a bottle pretty well – at least once we tweaked things a bit.

The broad, wraparound arms are reasonably stout but straight out of the box we found the CNC Cage to offer a somewhat loose fit. After a quick squeeze, the fit is now suitably snug and we've had no issues with bottle ejection or even rattling on rough terrain since then. The anodized finish doesn't leave marks on bottles, but long-term exposure to mud and grit will expose some bare aluminum eventually.

The non-flared opening and relatively straight cut across the top can make for tricky bottle insertion, especially on smaller frames where there isn't as much clearance for a straight path. Elongated mounting slots allow for some adjustability in how the cage is placed in the frame but the narrow central channel requires the used of cap head bolts only.

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