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The Lowrider is so shiny you’ve got to wear shades to ride it

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60.0 out of 5 stars

"A quirky bike that will appeal to the extrovert cyclist"

Thursday, July 30, 2009 7.00am By

Lowrider’s gold and chrome Classic is one of the coolest-looking bikes out there. Performance? Forget it. Gears? Who needs ’em? It's not one for the tech-heads out there, but if you want cool, you want style, you want to cruise, it's just the bike.

  • Frame & forks: Basic material shaped into a work of art (6/10)
  • Handling: The consensus description of the handling was ‘odd’, but this sort of bike isn’t bought for such traditional ride qualities (3/10)
  • Equipment: Not exactly performance-led, but it comes with mudguards, kickstand and a bell, and numerous extras are available (6/10)
  • Wheels: With 144 spokes per wheel these heavyweight hoops should be looking for an entry in the Guinness Book of Records (6/10)

Yes, the cranks are four inches long, the riding position means your legs never get anywhere near straight, the wheels weigh as much as a sack of spuds and it's all about style over substance, more bling than bike… but none of that matters, because we enjoyed every single pedal stroke on it.

This isn’t a bike sold to the shy and retiring, but to the extrovert. If you’re in a hurry, forget it. Apart from the fact that this hunk is designed for cruising, you’ll be surrounded by admirers wherever you go. Young and old alike, everybody was fascinated. Sweeping along Weston-super-Mare’s seafront we were mobbed by kids and teenagers.

The so-so front hub brake is aided by a coaster brake – just pedal backwards and it slows you down gently. But you’re never likely to be motoring so the lack of all-out stopping power wasn’t an issue.

The wheels are behemoths, with an incredible 144 spokes each. But, hey, they look great and it would take quite an effort to knock them out of shape.

The Classic even comes with its own little toolset: screwdriver, spanner and monkey wrench. And if it had come with the stars-and-stripes bell, bulb horn and chrome bullet LED light available from Ridelow’s site it would have been perfect!

Lowrider classic: lowrider classic

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Classic (09)
Low Rider

Wheels - Chrome plated 20in steel rims, Histop high flange steel rear coaster, Rotoflex high flange front drum, 144 radial chrome plated spokes front/rear
Available Sizes:
One Size
Bottom Bracket:
Standard bmx type, press fit steel cups with standard 5/16in balls and cones
Hi-stop coaster brake rear, Rotatex front drum brake with steel lever
Lowrider Collection BMX style 1 piece steel, 90mm arms, 36t steel ring, 1/2in x 1/8in pitch
Hi-Ten leading link springer fork, 1in threaded steerer, crimped dropouts
Fork Weight:
Frame Material:
Arc welded Hi-Ten steel cantilever frame with stamped steel dropouts
Frame Weight:
Front Tyre Size:
Front Wheel Weight:
Steel ape-hangers, 38cm rise, 68cm width
Head Angle:
Headset Type:
Steel threaded 1in, standard ball and cone
Rear Tyre Size:
Rear Wheel Weight:
Lowrider banana, padded velvet
Seat Angle:
Steel 22.2mm, 300mm length, with low-rise sissy bar
22.2mm steel quill, 65mm extension, 25.4 single bolt bar clamp
Weight (kg):
Weight (lb):
Bottom Bracket Height (cm):
Chainstays (cm):
Standover Height (cm):
Top Tube (cm):
Wheelbase (cm):

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